How Do I Keep Rodents Out of my RV?

How Do I Keep Rodents Out of my RV?

By The Grid Guard
Posted on Mar 12, 2022

Don't you just LOVE your RV?!!!!

It’s a neat, economical, mobile space, well-outfitted for life on the road. Everything has its place, and it’s warm and snug. Your RV allows you to explore the various travel adventures our beautiful country has to offer, while enjoying many of the (small-sized) comforts of home.

Unfortunately, the very features that set you free to enjoy life on the road are also wildly attractive to rodents, in particular rats and mice!

Some rodents may seem “cute” but beware of tolerating them and letting them establish in your RV! Rats and mice will cause extensive damage to your RV’s wiring, rubber and plastic lines as they chew their way around your engine and undercarriage. And once they have entered the interior, they will ravage your furnishings, bedding and linens, and leave noisome droppings throughout your nice living space. 

Figuring out how to head rodents off before they colonize your RV should be a first priority once you get it home.

Ensuring that rodents don’t move into your mobile haven will be key to enjoying your RV to the fullest and avoiding costly damage. While you’re on the road, you may not stay in one place long enough to attract unwanted rodents to your RV, but when your RV is parked at your house for winter storage, it is a sitting target for rodent squatters to set up house in.

Why Rodents LOVE your RV

All classes and types of RV are susceptible to the unwanted attentions of rodents.

Your RV’s engine presents rodents a safe, dark, and warm potential nesting space full of the nooks and crannies rodents love to raise their (numerous) families in.

Your RV’s living space, where human food is prepared, eaten and stored, provides attractive food sources for rodents and their babies in the form of crumbs and oily build-up. RV bathrooms and kitchens also provide rodents with sources of water; and your bedding and cushions provide them with ideal nest building materials.

Rodents will try to move into your RV if at all possible – so how do you discourage them from doing so?

How to Protect your RV Engine and Living Space from Rodent Damage

Let’s start with your RV engine: the best method for keeping rodents out of an RV engine is detailed in our article on how to keep rodents out of your Tesla (and all automobiles in general). There, we explore various methods for keeping rodents out of engines and auto interiors.

Next, consider your RV living space: unfortunately, you’ll discover that keeping rodents out of an RV’s living space can be a complicated and time-consuming affair if you decide to go the DIY route. 

Watch this video and see how small a hole a motivated mouse can squeeze through:

Persistent little fellows aren't they? And very determined to find that peanut butter smear left behind your sofa cushon!

Here is a brief outline of the most important DIY steps necessary to keep these pesky critters out of your RV:

  1. Get down under your RV’s undercarriage to search for any holes that a rodent might enter through and seal any possible point of ingress with silicone or expanding foam (we advise you make a test run of the expanding foam so you can get used to how much it will increase in volume before using it in your RV).
  2. Inside your RV, pull out all drawers and open all cabinets to look for light leaks around plumbing and electrical lines that indicate a gap a rodent can squeeze through. Seal these gaps with silicone or expanding foam.
  3. Wipe down and deep clean all surfaces that have or will come into contact with food during your travels (which is just about everything if you travel with kids!). 
  4. Park your RV on a solid surface like concrete, if possible, rather than out back on open ground: mice don’t like crawling across concrete surfaces.
  5. Turn over your RV engine at least once a week during storage to discourage potential rodent nesting. 
  6. Use scent deterrents like peppermint-oil soaked cotton balls or mothballs (which you will then have to smell); dryer sheets (which may be repurposed by a rodent as nesting material); and deploy mouse traps (which will need to be checked every few days and, unless they are live traps, require carcass disposal when successful).  

Some RV owners resign themselves to an ongoing battle to keep rodents out of their RVs, keeping up an endless regimen of caulking, trapping, and deep cleaning.....

However, we know there is a BETTER WAY; an easy and fail-safe solution for keeping rodents out of your RV, which requires virtually no maintenance or effort on your part!

Introducing The GridGuard: The Tried and True Method to Keep Rodents OUT of your RV

Based on the same principles that farmers have been using for years to keep farm animals where they belong, The GridGuard is a system of interlocking tiles made of high-grade stainless steel and durable PVC plastic that are placed in a rectangular mat around and/or under an RV. 

When plugged into any conventional electrical  outlet, this mat creates an impenetrable, non-lethal shock barrier that rodents sense and avoid. Tests show that even when tempted with bait placed on the mat system, rats will avoid going near the GridGuard!

When you return from your travels, you simply drive your RV over the tiles and into the middle of The GridGuard and park. Switch on the power and walk away – The GridGuard will protect your RV’s engine and living space from rodents, and you can take the time you need to clean up the interior spaces to your liking. With rodents effectively deterred from crossing The GridGuard, you will only need to consider your own preferences as you tidy up and prepare your RV for storage (or your next trip!).

Installing The GridGuard is a breeze; an RV owner can put it in place in under an hour, by snapping metal tile components into a rectangular grid, adding trim pieces, connecting power cables to the mat as directed, and plugging in, as shown in this video:

Once in place, The GridGuard will provide many years of trouble free rodent deterrence!

The GridGuard: Simply the BEST Rodent Repellent for your RV

Rodent damage is a very real menace to the integrity of your RV, and The Grid Guard’s long-lasting, low-maintenance barrier is the ultimate solution.

Why not enjoy peace of mind at a relatively low cost, by protecting your RV with our GridGuard system?

Check out our system packages today – you’ll be glad you did!

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