Is The Grid Guard the Best Snake Repellant?

Is The Grid Guard The Best Snake Repellant

By Toby Bateson
Posted on May 24, 2022 in Rats In My Car
Is The Grid Guard the Best Snake Repellant?

Snakes are a threat to human life in two main ways. Firstly and most obviously through being bitten by a venomous variety. Secondly through the spread of diseases such as salmonella and West Nile virus. Working like an electric fence on the floor, Hammer Technologies are currently looking for opportunities to use the The Grid Guard to repel snakes and are anticipating it will be the best snake repellent available. 

The Grid Guard has been shown to be exceptionally effective at repelling rodents, one of the mainstays of the diets of snakes and so it has a double-action in keeping them at bay. Once set-up it will work effectively for years with very little maintenance, giving ongoing peace of mind. Please visit out homepage for more information.

Laying The Grid Guard is as simple as laying any interlocking flooring, the electrified surface connects automatically as you go. Once it is laid an energised box is connected which will give a small, brief, safe electric shock to the snake when it crosses it, making it leave. People can walk across safely in shoes without receiving a shock and bikes and cars can travel over it easily. This would make it a barrier to snakes but not to humans or vehicles. It has a hard-wearing, long-lasting steel inlay which makes ideal garage or factory flooring.

People sometimes kill snakes but doing this in Australia goes against the Territory Parks and Conservation Act. Despite this, social media is awash with people holding up snakes they have decapitated with a spade or other sharp implement. Sadly for the snakes, many of those killed will be harmless; people often kill first and identify them second. People are putting themselves at high risk of prosecution; in the Northern Territory the maximum jail term is five years and maximum fine $77,000.

It may be legal to kill a snake if a human or other animal is in danger but people are putting themselves at risk by attempting to do so. They may be bitten whilst attempting to kill the snake and a severed snake head can still create an envenoming puncture wound.

Snake repellents are widely available but can be highly toxic, smell disgusting and still be ineffective at keeping snakes away. Some of them contain napthalene which is damaging to the environment, smells strongly of petrochemicals and lingers for years. A better alternative is to block holes in walls and cover vents so they can't get in.

At certain times of the year snake catchers and herpetologists can be very busy. There can be many calls per day from people with snakes in their houses and workplaces. If this is a repeated problem then large bills may be avoided by installing The Grid Guard.

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